We want to share with you the most frequently asked questions.


Q: Does the product really support the back, or is it too soft?

A: The product perfectly supports the back and is very durable.


Q: Does the product help your back not to sweat?

A: Sure, the material is breathable, is also suitable in summer.


Q: Can also be used on the dining chair?

A: Yeah, I guess there’s no problem, 'cause he’s hooked up with the straps behind.


Q: I drive a bus, will it be okay for what are constantly back and forth over long distances?

A: Absolutely. I also have back pain and neck pain and I love my back pillow so much that I bought another one for the passenger side!


Q: Can I use it in my office? Does this back cushion really work?

A: It works perfectly, both in the car and in the office.


Q: Can you tell me the delivery time?

A: The support is delivered in 2/4 weeks the package has the tracking and the support is super efficient.


Do you need more help? 

No problem, send all of request at support@momadvices.com